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The water vapor pump technologies
back in France

Authors: Victoria Bogdanova , Joël Moreau and Rémi Guillet

(Paper written in 2014, June)

7 June 2014, the first water vapor pump cycle of the new CIEC generation was publicly inaugurated in Goussainville, France. Its heating power of 2 MW answers the needs of heating and hot water of the entire residence of 293 households. This water vapor pump is also the first to reach such a high combustion air temperature: 60°C (140°F°).

CIEC is a french company member of the GDF Suez Group. Since 2012, the WVP (water vapor pump) cycle is again among the priorities of CIEC, an eco-responsible company proposing more and more sustainable and green heating solutions to its clients in industrial and district heating. After a large development of the WVP cycle in heating plants during the 1980s and 1990s, this CIEC WVP relaunching brings again to its customers a reference facility in terms of fuel saving and environment protection, especially in case of natural gas heating plant.

If the water vapour pump (WVP) concept has been invented in France in 1978 and quickly
recognized by universities and thermal industry as a really advanced concept to save fossil fuels and to protect the environment, the economical approach has often limited the diffusion of the WVP cycle because of a pay-back time often
considered as long (about five years)… In spite of that, the WVP cycle has been
commercialized in France and in Europe with a special development on direct heating boilers in Canada and more recently on boilers in USA.


To know more about this technology ane Remi Guillet work (in french and english): wet combustion analysis

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  1. Le cycle « pompe à vapeur d’eau » a été installé par CIEC à la centrale thermique du Bourget pour COP 21 (Voir info sur le Site CIEC ou celui d’ENGIE)

  2. Commentaires de l’auteur (écrit le 01 / 06 / 16)

    1- A « Water vapour pump cycle » (en français « cycle de pompe à vapeur d’eau ») induit de facto une forme de combustion humide. Ainsi le lecteur intéressé pourra charger gracieusement la thèse « La combustion par voie humide et ses performances ».

    2- Après de nombreux articles et autres documents souvent mentionnés dans le forum ad hoc du site éconologie.com, le lecteur pourra également accéder à une synthèse récemment mise à jour en tapant directement « combustion et eau, rendement, pollution ».

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