The best of a humid combustion, the Water Vapour Pump Cycle

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The best of a humid combustion, the Water Vapour Pump Cycle

par Christophe » 14/11/15, 13:45

The best of a humid combustion : the Water Vapour Pump Cycle (WVP Cycle) and other additive water cases by Rémi . Guillet *

*Ph. D. in mechanics and energetics sciences and W
VP-cycle inventor


Early in the eighties a thermodynamic cycle, called the “Water Vapour Pump Cycle” (WVP- Cycle) has been invented and developed, first ly for extending the field of the condensing boilers application towards new kinds of heating plants using fuels like the natural gases. By developing the WVP-cycle, and with the energy savings efficiency brought by this cycle, we also discovered the correlative reduction of NOx formation during the combustion, and the abilities of the humidity transfer between the fumes and the combustion air. Two gases which exchange water vapour and heat in an ad hoc exchanger called "water vapour pump". Today, the WVP-Cycle is operational mainly in district heating facilities, in France, Italy and in some other European countries, in Canada, in USA... But other additive water injection protocols can improve the combustion towards its completion, reducing its impact on our environment, towards a more powerful machine, (i.e. in case of gas turbines, in case of reciprocating engines by using the anti-knock properties of the water).

Keywords: wet, humid, combustion, steam, vapour, gas, turbine, air, efficiency, environment, protection, fuel, energy savings, condensing boiler


In the past, water has been used as anti- knock agent or as “additive” component to improve combustion efficiency, to boost engine power. Today, in a context of more severe environmental requirements, in a context of energy savings, a good use of water continues to offer many possibilities for serving t
he environmental protection and energy savings targets.
Early in the seventies, in the new context of natural gases uses in district heating plants, the humidity of fumes and the correlative high risks of condensation, in chimney, in atmosphere, have been pointed out by architects as an inconvenient for the natural gas uses for heating. At the same time and to reverse the disadvantage, the engineers target was marked by a greater interest for the condensing boiler development, by recovering
in the boiler, the latent heat of water vapour condensation.

Of course, the interest for the condensing boilers has been reinforced after the first oil crisis (1973). It is in this frame that engineers, searchers, launched new studies to find a way to enlarge the area of the condensing boilers interest towards higher “condensing temperature” ...

Thus, to reply to the challenge, the water vapour pump cycle has been invented in 1979, inducing thus a new way to practice a “humid combustion”. Guillet [1].

Full text: ... J2gfRJ.pdf
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